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Music and Writing, Part II: Opening the Door to a New World

Opening the Door with a Playlist

Crafting playlists tailored to your story's emotions and scenes is an incredible aid in immersing yourself into the world you're creating. Music has this remarkable ability to evoke emotions and set a particular tone, making it an invaluable tool.

For intense action scenes, I select tracks with fast tempos or dynamic beats that amplify the feeling of danger. Meanwhile, for poignant or sorrowful moments, I choose more melodic, somber tunes that enhance the depth of sorrow that are crawling through my characters.

When I was writing a difficult duel scene between the protagonist and antagonist of my first book, I found it difficult to capture the raw emotion in the actions until I had these 4 songs repeating over and over while I was writing. They transported me right into that scene and right into the emotions behind the action.

I recommend segmenting playlists for specific scenes or emotions to help you dive deeper into the intricacies of each moment you're trying to convey, especially in difficult scenes. It's like providing yourself with a personalized soundtrack to channel the exact emotions and atmosphere needed for those segments.

Consistency and depth in your storytelling

Not only can playlists enhance your emotional connection to a scene, but returning to these playlists when revisiting or editing your work can help instantly transport you back into the mood and ambiance of the story.

Now that you've "closed the door" and shut out the outside world, let your music be the key that unlocks a new realm. Hit play and "open the door" to your world inside.

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