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A collection of works available now and coming soon!

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Available Now!

(Paperback, Nook, Apple Books, Kobo and Audiobook coming soon!)

Xandon and the King's Scepter

Xandon and his friends must find what Val Haruk is after before he takes another life. This time, someone closer to them. With the entire kingdom against them and time running out, Xandon must solve the mystery of the unmagicable and face a secret that will change everything he thinks he knows about himself and his past.


released episodically

Outlaws ~ A Serial Adventure

When Alister feels responsible for the death of his fiancé, he quits his brigand gang. His plans to live a responsible, crime-free life are upturned when his old mentor, Emerald Jack, reappears - with one last job he's forced to carry out...

Enjoy a legendary saga filled with heart and humor, alongside riotous action and dizzying peril.

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cover not final

Coming 2024

Xandon and the Breath of the Lion

In his second tale, Xandon travels to Redgate, followed by deceit and deception in a kingdom that lies under the shadow of dragons.

The Briqueville Manor Girl 1604 x 2560.j

Coming Soon 

The Briqueville Manor Girl

Girls have been disappearing for 100 years in Paradise Falls. Andrea thinks she's the next to go, when her little sister disappears. Now, it's up to Andrea to face the forces of evil that lie in the shadows of Paradise Falls, and get her sister back before she's gone forever.

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