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Available Now!

Xandon and the King's Scepter

Join Xandon and his friends on a fantastic adventure filled with magic and mystery as they overcome their differences and learn to believe in themselves, all while fighting against an evil that threatens their very existence .

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Coming 2021

Outlaws ~ A Serial Adventure (2021)

The year is 1880, and a group of extraordinary outlaws have been drawn together in the land of liberty to overcome the tyranny of Emerald Jack and the dark underworld he associates with. In an 8-part serial adventure, hold on to your seats for this exciting ride in the perilous world of Outlaws.

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Coming 2021

Xandon and the Breath of the Lion

In his second tale, Xandon travels to Redgate, followed by deceit and deception in a kingdom that lies under the shadow of dragons.

The Briqueville Manor Girl 1604 x 2560.j

Coming 2021

The Briqueville Manor Girl (2021)

Girls have been disappearing for 100 years in Paradise Falls. Andrea thinks she's the next to go, when her little sister disappears. Now, it's up to Andrea to face the forces of evil that lie in the shadows of Paradise Falls, and get her sister back before she's gone forever.