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How I destroyed the streets of London

Now that we're a few episodes into the Outlaws story, I thought I'd share some insights and behind-the-scenes info in its making.

The Carriage Chase! (spoiler alert)

If you've read beyond episode 5 and 6, you'll have joined Alister on one crazy police carriage ride along Thames, through London, and over the London Tower Bridge.

This was his unrelenting chase toward catching Emerald Jack. As a story, it was fun to write but technically, it was one of the most difficult episodes to write. To research, I researched and watched several car chase movies, made lists of possible events from imagination, studied any maps of London from the 1880's I could find, researched horse carriages, police constables, London landmarks, and even the types of roads used in the 1800's.

Then, with all that information, I made a rough draft on a few maps like the one below.

map of London depicting author's notes
Rough draft for the carriage chase through London

Not everything made the story, and I worry when action becomes stale or unexciting. The actions have to remain in character and not just be a series of events. Hopefully it's exciting and fun! See you in the next episode soon!

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