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Music and Writing, Part I: Closing the Door to This World

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Closing the Door

In his book "On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft," Stephen King emphasizes the significance of finding a quiet, private space where you can write without interruptions. For him, this is a symbolic act of commitment and concentration. He famously refers to this as "closing the door," both physically and mentally, to shut out distractions and fully immerse oneself in the writing process.

He encourages writers to treat writing as a serious endeavor, approaching it with dedication and discipline. This idea of "closing the door" is about creating a mindset and environment conducive to deep, undisturbed writing sessions.

Closing the Door with Headphones

"Closing the door" is not just about the physical act of closing a door but about mentally shutting out the world's distractions to focus entirely on the story at hand.

Living in a bustling city with a hectic schedule, on-ear noise-cancelling headphones have become my sanctuary. They possess the power to mute the chaos around me, allowing a seamless transition into a state of unwavering focus. In a sense, headphones have become my door.

My headphones have evolved into essential writing tools, as crucial as my keyboard. They serve as my entryway into a world of creativity and concentration, shaping the environment necessary for my writing process.

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