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Outlaws ~ A Serial Adventure

by Tyson Vonn Beck

When Alister feels responsible for the death of his fiancé, he quits his brigand gang. His plans to live a responsible, crime-free life are upturned when his old mentor, Emerald Jack, reappears - with one last job he's forced to carry out...

Enjoy a legendary saga filled with heart and humor, alongside riotous action and dizzying peril.


Xandon and the King's Scepter


by Tyson Vonn Beck

Prince Val Haruk wants the secrets rumored to lie in the Avondale castle vault.


Xandon is a young boy trying to find his place in the world.

If Xandon and his friends don’t find what Val Haruk is after first, many lives will lie in ruins. With the whole kingdom against them and time running out, Xandon must solve the mystery of the unmagicable and face a secret that will change everything he thinks he knows about himself and his past.


invites you into an enchanting world filled with unique magic, extraordinary mystery and unforgettable characters.

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